Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This post has been a long time coming.  Last year I lost my darling mum.  I miss my parents greatly.  It does not seem to matter how old they are or how old you are the loss of such loved and loving people is very hard to accept but accept one must.

This year I have not been working and have had a lovely holiday in New Zealand.  I loved Queenstown in particular. Glenorchy also is spectacular (ie Lord of the Rings country).  The trip on the steam boat across the lake is something not to be missed.  The roads can be a bit scary in NZ.  I was so scared driving up the Crown Range Road - never again - so high and winding!

I have been doing lots of embroidery especially for the Embroiderers Guild gift table.  I have embroidered handkerchiefs, hand towels, face washers, coat hangers, baby singlets all of which have sold.  I am now working on items to sell at the Christmas Craft Fair.  I have made quite a lot of felt embroidered Christmas decorations.  My main job is to inspire others to make items also.  Fortunately I have a lovely lady helping me and lots of Guild members are making lovely things.

This year I discovered Michael Robotham. He is Australian and writes crime novels.  I generally do not like crime novels but I picked up one of his books The Night Ferry in a unit we were staying at down at the Gold Coast and had to read the 400 page tome in 4 days.  It was not hard to do as his writing is so engaging.  I have since read The Wreckage, Bleed for me and am now reading Bombproof. 

I have also discovered SBS on demand and ABC iview which allows one to catch up on TV programmes that you have missed.  I love all the cooking shows.  French Food Safari was wonderful.  I am now enjoying Terry Mathias in France and Marrakech. River Cottage on the ABC is terrific also.  Wallander with Kenneth Brannagh is a terrific program and I love the theme which is sung by an Australian, Emily Barker Nostalgia. On YouTube at

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